- Historisches Blechspielzeug neu aufgelegt

Do you remember..?

Do you still remember your tin robot?
You had to wind it up at the back, then let it go and off it rattled. With futuristic, sparkling, fiery eyes and mechanically deliberate steps...towards the future.

Or the small locomotive made of sheet metal that, after a few revolutions, tirelessly made its rounds on the metal landscape?

Or simply the poison-green crackling frog. Crack-crack, crack-crack!

What we thought lost over the years, we bring back to you today as replicas. Let the spirit of another era come alive again with you.

Your team wishes you a lot of fun while browsing.

They are back!

Come in, come closer!
3 chips for 3 dime!
And the wild ride is about to begin!

Funfair. Funfair. The big party with candy floss and carousels.

A piece of childhood now staged in tin.

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Crack - crack!

Crack - crack!

The cracking frogs. Who didn't have them as a child and used them to crack until their thumbs were sore or their parents' nerves were on edge ;-)

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Also popular as a signaling device for training and educating dogs and cats and in dog school.